Carlson Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Chair

Projects conducted with Carlson Chair funding have made an impact in every Minnesota county and tourism sector. Carlson Chair dollars have been leveraged to obtain an additional $0.95 for every dollar spent. With these dollars we have informed decisions, engaged communities, and supported an educated tourism workforce through timely and topical research and research-based training. As a result of our research and educational efforts, social, political, and cultural capital has increased across Minnesota.

Initiated in the mid-1980s and fiscally cemented in 1995, The Carlson Chair has been used to support a variety of research and education efforts across Minnesota. The Chair is managed by the University Foundation Investment Advisors.

Decisions about fund use are made by the director in consideration of established criteria, advice from the Advisory Committee, and approved by the Dean and Director of Extension. Industry demand exceeds our resources:  give today through the University of Minnesota Foundation.

Find reports on various projects supported by the Carlson Chair below.








Economic and social values of scenic byways

Reasons for and constraints to MN resort vacations