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Tourism Development

Expert staff have created materials, workshops, consultations, and community tourism assessments. Tourism Center staff also facilitate strategic planning seminars for a variety of community and industry groups. Examples of topics include goal setting, vision/mission development, organizational development, and plan of work prioritizing. Contact the Tourism Center for more information on specific education, assessment, and facilitation services. Traditional industries are finding ways to incorporate tourism to increase markets. Agritourism, for example, has many dimensions, including farm stays, direct sales to tourists, and tours of production facilities. The Tourism Center offers excellent resources for helping community leaders and educators understand agritourism as well as other aspects of rural tourism. The Tourism Center has developed a resource page for sustainable tourism that has a variety of resources for businesses, communities, and events.


Community Tourism Development Guide (3d ed., 2010)

TOUR_CTDCoverCommunity Tourism Development applies theory to real life—delivering the essentials of planning, developing, and managing tourist destinations from a community standpoint. Based on extensive research, this comprehensive, 250-page manual takes you step-by-step through the process of developing local tourism. Community examples drive home the concepts and share how communities have found success with tourism. Case studies of four communities:  Dahlonega, Georgia; Sandpoint, Idaho; San Luis, Colorado; and the Villages of Van Buren, Iowa, take a deeper look at tourism development in a variety of community settings.
The manual includes a CD-Rom of the 30+ worksheet and assessment forms found in the manual, presented in an interactive format that allows you to easily record your data.  
Price: $69 (+ S&H)
To order:  Visit the Extension Store  Item # 08665


NEW!!  Weaving Tourism into Communities:  Four Stories Over Time (2010)

A new video from the Tourism Center provides a unique longitudinal study of four communities over two decades. University researchers return to four communities first profiled in 1991. In their own words, community leaders describe the changes, benefits, and challenges their communities have experienced from tourism development. The case studies of these four communities—Dahlonega, Georgia; Sandpoint, Idaho; San Luis, Colorado; and the Villages of Van Buren, Iowa—stress core values needed for tourism development.

To order, go to University of Minnesota Extension Store Item # 08662  Price: $24.95 (+S&H)

Purchase the manual and video together and save!
These two great tourism development resources have been packaged for cost savings.  Order the Community Tourism Development manual and the film, Weaving Tourism into CommunitiesFour stories over time, as a package at a reduced price.  Visit the Extension Store. Item # 08670   Just $85.00 (+S&H) when purchased together.

Rural Tourism Development Case Studies

Rural Tourism Development Case Studies (1991). Video 52 minutes. Rural tourism development success stories from Dahlonega, GA; Villages of Van Buren, IA; San Luis, CO; and Sandpoint, ID. This video is the original study of these communities. To order, contact the Tourism Center. Price: $15 (+ S&H). Communities were revisited and their stories updated in Weaving Tourism into Communities:  Four stories over time.

In the Eyes of the Law: Legal Issues Associated With Direct Farm Marketing

Many agricultural producers increase the value of their products by processing, shipping, packaging, and selling them directly to consumers. In addition, producers are inviting the public onto their property to participate in activities such as farm tours, farm stays, festivals, floriculture, and fee-based recreation. For producers considering direct marketing, this publication provides an introduction to legal issues that may affect their business. Written by two lawyers with commercial and agritourism law experience, the information is intended to help direct marketers avoid or minimize risk and liability. It is not intended to constitute legal advice or to address every situation. Case studies inserted throughout the text help explain legal principles. Use this publication as a discussion tool as you seek specific advice from an attorney or an accountant familiar with your goals and business plan. In the Eyes of the Law order directly from the Tourism Center.
(Please call 612-624-4947 or email Price: $10 (+ S&H)

Consultation & facilitation

For more information on Tourism Development, please contact Cynthia Messer ( at (612) 624-6236 or Kent Gustafson ( at (612) 625-8274.

Order Materials

To order any of these educational materials, please call (612) 624-4947 or email



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