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Festival & Event Management Registration

Festival and Event Management Online (February 10-March 21, 2014)
The Spring, 6-week online offering begins February 10 through March 21, 2014. Save $100 if you register by January 20, 2014: $499. Starting from January 21,the 6-week offering will be $599. The Timely Topic "Greening Events" is included in the price. Register here.

Spring 2014 Timely Topics: 
Greening Events (March 24-28, 2014). Save $50 if you register by March 2, 2014: $99. Starting from March 3, the price will be $149 (included in full class offering). This one-week online course will discuss the event industry's approach to sustainability, the practices that events large and small have taken to facilitate sustainability, the production of a "zero waste" event, and invites you to develop a toolkit (or update what you already have!) that your event can use to implement sustainability practices. The course is taught by Xinyi (Lisa) Qian, Tourism Center, with a guest contributor to be announced. Register here. 

Economic Impact of Festivals & Events (March 31 - April 4, 2014). Save $50 if you register by March 9, 2014: $99. Starting from March 10, the price will be $149. This one-week online course will cover the basics of economic impact analysis, the special challenges festivals and events face, tips and templates for effectively getting the "right" information, and examples of economic impact projects from festivals large and small. Having an effective plan to highlight the economic contribution of your event can save you time and money when you need to show the economic impact of your hard work. The course is taught by two economic impact analysis experts from the University of Minnesota. Register here.