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Business Retention & Expansion

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The Business Retention & Expansion (BR & E) Strategies Program is a collaborative effort of Minnesota counties and the University of Minnesota Extension. Tourism BR & E programs build the capacity of Minnesota communities to retain and expand their local existing businesses that service the traveling public. With the help of the BR & E Strategies Program you can:
  • Demonstrate to local tourism and travel-related businesses that the community appreciates their contribution to the local economy;
  • Help existing firms solve problems and local concerns;
  • Assist local tourism and travel related businesses in using local, state, and federal programs aimed at helping the firms become more competitive; and
  • Develop strategic plans for long range tourism and travel-related business retention and expansion activities.
  • Experts guide you through the program and to do the research necessary to help you respond to the needs of your local firms. But it's your community and you are in charge!

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